Wepet is a new social network for dogs.

Like how you have been using social networks to record your life with friends, this is that place for your dogs. 

You can create dog profiles, update their status, upload photos, apply filters, like and comment on others' posts, etc etc. 

In case you are looking for a new family member, this is also a good place to start the search.

We are in our early stage, so take the chance and register your dog so they have a nice "~"(wave) handle.

We will be adding new features and fixing bugs as time passes, so if you think of something, please hit us up on the feedback page, we really appreciate your help.

Got any questions? Head over to our FAQ page to see if there is an answer. If not, send us a message via feedback page, we'll try out best to answer them as timely as we can.

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