We try to make wepet as easy-to-use as possible, if you have been using other social network sites (which should be plenty of you), getting your head around in Wepet should be a breeze.

Wepet does have its uniqueness, so just in case, here are some helpful tips:

  • How do I create a profile for my dog?

The page to add a dog profile is here. You can find this page by following "My Dogs" link in your navigation bar, then click/tap on the circle "+" button located on the bottom-right corner of the page.

  • How can I see more posts on my homepage?

The homepage feed is generated based on the dogs you are following. When they post status updates or upload photos, you will see them in chronological order. To see more variety of posts on your homepage, start following more dog profiles. A good way to find who to follow is by visiting the discover page, another way is to search for whatever interests you via the search bar in your navigation.

  • How do I @ someone in my post?

To tag some user you know in a post, just type "@" and a list of names will pop up, keep typing the user's name, the list will be filtered on the fly, once you see the person you'd like to tag, select them by hitting the 'enter' key.

  • How do I @ a dog in my post?

Similar to users, dogs have their own unique usernames, and we call them the "wave handle" (symbol ~). To keep the user experience consistent, we made it so that if you'd like to tag a dog, start by typing "@" symbol like you would when tagging a user, then the list of dog names that you follow will appear along with the list of user names. The dog names will only contain one name, whereas user names will contain both first and last names in the list.

  • How do I hashtag my post?

Like a lot of other social networks hashtags are a great way to increase the visibility of your post. To add a hashtag, simply type "#" and the name of the tag in one word, any separation between words will render the hashtag applicable only to the first part.

  • Can I have someone else manage my dog profile?

Yes, you can! Use the Transfer ownership feature. To do this, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the profile page of the dog that needed to be transferred.
  2. Click the pencil icon to get to the edit profile screen.
  3. Click the circular menu button at the bottom-right corner, this will bring up a sub-menu, click on the transfer menu item.
  4. In the transfer ownership screen, start typing the name/email/@handle of the new owner, as you type, the suggestions will pop up, select the new owner by click on the suggested item, the field will be populated automatically.
  5. Click the transfer owner button and a request will be sent to the new owner, once they accepted the request, they will have the ownership of this dog profile.
  •  Can I sell my dog here?

At this stage, wepet does not handle any transactions, but you can make people aware a dog is for sale by setting the For sale field to 'Yes' on the edit profile page. Wepet will help you get noticed by adding a ribbon to the profile card.